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Mission 1: Omlette

19 Jan

Oh yes… I picked a good one didn’t I?

Healthy? tick

Quick? tick

Easy? tick-ish

Cheap? hell yes… I mean who can’t afford eggs? And its completely versatile! You can add everything under the sun! But my god did it take long to learn!… Unfortunely, 9 eggs were tragically lost before I could match anything of the resemblance of an omlette. I still have a few issues with how much oil I use but I can safely say I cracked it and kicked ass on the omlette and Jamie Oliver challenge

I am very sorry about the lack of picture but my camera has died yes…. DIED… tear tear

Just to add I only tossed in a few herbs like basil and thyme just for the crack and tasted good. (I have nothing in the house what so ever)

Ta Ta for now!

Whats your favourite thing to add into an omlette? Do you have any foods you love eating them with?


Few aims, explanations but mostly just hello :)

12 Jan

Hello hello,

I’m a little bit nervous… and shy… like that first day of school where you want to just fit in and for people to like you…

Few aims and explanations

I set up this blog to document my learning progress on cooking. I am a 20 year college student and with the only cooking experience involves opening the frozen pizza wrapping and reading the instructions. Thank god I developed an addiction to pizza.

I have no interest in losing weight but I want a healthy lifestyle and to achieve this on my student budget I am going to have to learn to cook. I have an addiction to food blogs which I plan to use as to help me  along the way, but for 2011 my main mission is to prepare, cook and live off healthy food, to throw a 3 course dinner party by the end of the year for my family and friends which has never been done in our family before. Any advice along the way would be much appreciated!

Lots of love,